Top Five Reasons to Visit Maui

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Maui Hawaii Hotel Travel Deals and Tips

The Hawaiian Island of Maui is stunning, tropical, romantic, and chock-full of excitement. The activities are unlimited and a vacation to Maui will lead to lifelong memories. There are a variety of reasons to visit the island of Maui and here are our editors top five:

1. Maui Vacations are Easy to Book

The idea of planning a trip can be stressful and expensive. Especially a trip outside of the continental United States. Many factors come into planning a vacation, including flight plans, hotels, food, activities, and even childcare. However, planning vacations to Maui is quite simple considering just about everything can be done online. is a great site to find amazing hotel and car rental rates up to 60% Off. Plus, it's very easy to plan activities, buy tickets and find new places you'd like to see while on the island. Another perk to vacation in Maui is the fact that you still have the luxury of flying overseas, while not needing to obtain US passports for you and your family members and with travel restrictions being lifted on the island, visiting just got a whole lot easier.

2. Beautiful Beach Resorts

Enjoying a trip to Maui will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Just about all aspects of your vacation will be fun and beautiful. Starting with your relaxing retreat at a gorgeous hotel. Most hotels on the island have spas, restaurants, and bars, as well as beautiful pools, to lie next to while enjoying a drink. Many resorts are also right on the coast, so you'll likely be within walking distance to some of the world's most beautiful beaches just outside your hotel room.

3. Breathtaking Natural Views and Activities

Surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are just a few of the great activities that you can enjoy on your vacation to Maui. The island has plenty to do and many natural attractions that will leave you stunned with their beauty.

The Nakalele Blowhole is one attraction that most people find to be an amazing sight. As beautiful as it is, there are obvious safety concerns with getting too close, so be mindful of your distance to the blowhole.

You can also hike around the volcano known as Haleakala. The summit is over 10,000 feet and can provide quite an astonishing view of Maui and the sight is particularly phenomenal at sunrise. If you'd rather walk around and see the sites, the little town of Lahaina is a must-visit attraction and a short drive to the Kaanapali Skyline Ziplining. The views of the mountains and oceans are a must-see from up above.

Maui Hawaii Travel Deals and Tips

4. Road to Hana

If you enjoy relaxing drives, the Hana highway provides stunning scenery throughout the 53-mile journey on Highway 36. Make a day of it. Stop at every possible photo-op and snap a picture. Make sure to fill up the tank prior to heading out, because there won't be another opportunity for gas for dozens of miles. Plan ahead and choose some must-see stops along the way. Enjoy watching the windsurfers in Hookipa beach, and don't forget to stop at the world-famous surf spot known as Jaws. Depending on the time of year, you may get the opportunity to witness surfers being towed into waves up to 60 feet high. Lastly, right before heading into Hana, you must stop to encounter the black-sand beaches of Waianapanapa State Park.

Maui Hawaii Travel Deals and Tips

5. Golfing

Maui offers 14 different amazing golf courses on the island. Each course offers challenges and breathtaking views of dunes, stunning greenery, and even some spectacular mountain views depending on the course. Maui golf courses are world-class, and aside from some typical trade winds, the weather is incredible and provides ideal conditions for golfing. The golf pros recommend the courses at Wailea Gold, The Dunes, and Kapalua Bay.

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Maui Hawaii Golf Deals and Tips

Along with the gorgeous resort hotels, the mind-blowing scenery, and amazing golf, every vacation to the island of Maui will create lifelong memories and leave you and your family members dreaming of the tropics for years to come. 🌴

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