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Club 1 Hotels Management Team has a combined 68 years of hospitality management experience. Our teams experience includes dozens of turnarounds and the complete repositioning of 3½, 4 and 5-Star Hotels including complete renovation, rebranding of both independent and branded hotels.

We execute value-added and opportunistic investment strategies designed to mitigate risk and maximize value for our investors. This investment approach capitalizes on the broad experience of the leadership at the firm and leverages integrated structures to drive efficiencies throughout the life cycle of all investments.

  • Club 1 Hotels' value-added strategy primarily seeks to acquire existing properties that demonstrate the proposition for value creation through change of use, repositioning of the asset and hands-on asset management.

  • The opportunistic strategy generates value by acquiring, developing, and redeveloping hotels in order to reposition the assets with highest and best use in mind.

  • Through the firm's extensive network, Club 1 Hotels has been able to identify opportunities that capitalize on market inefficiencies and underserved niche's in order to generate superior risk adjusted returns.

  • Most institutional investors view hotels as a niche investment class and place fairly strict limits on their hotel exposure. That viewpoint makes sense when one considers the relatively small size of the hotel market, the operating complexities of lodging properties, the daily “mark-to-market” on room rates and the cyclical nature of the industry. Interestingly, we believe that this cycle could be different and that hospitality assets will comprise a much larger share of most institutional portfolios, especially those of private equity funds and large family offices, and for a more sustained period than we’ve seen in past recoveries.

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Understanding and evaluating the complex range of decisions and implications that must be considered as a hotel or resort operator requires experience and intuitive reasoning with a dedicated focus on an owner’s particular investment goals and needs. It also requires the ability to recommend solutions based on the substantial depth of services and experience that Club 1 Hotels provides.

  • Hotel Management

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Revenue Management and e-Commerce

  • Brand Management and Quality Assurance

  • Rooms and Engineering

  • Food and Beverage

  • Finance and Accounting

  • Risk Management

  • Procurement

  • Development

  • Planning and Positioning

  • Technical Services

  • Human Resources

  • Training and Professional Development


As a management company specializing in third-party hotel management, we have developed a successful operating strategy that combines scale with agility in deploying resources focused on achieving hotel owners’ investment goals. These efficiencies consistently produce strong financial results for our clients.


With decades of experience in hotel and resort management, acquisition, and development, Club 1 Hotels optimizes the broad spectrum of issues related to development. In addition, our significant resources are applied to investment and growth strategies at every stage of the process.


With a combined 68 years of experience in the hospitality market, Club 1 Hotels team has vast hotel operating experience and we have successfully replicated superior operating systems and methodologies in diversified markets.