Escaping Abroad

“Do you love to travel? Are you always looking out for the best deals and the lowest prices? Love a bit of luxury? Well if so then today is a great day as we have a fantastic offer to talk about from Club1Hotels which can save you huge amounts of cash on your next accommodation…”

Chasing the Donkey

“When it comes to travel benefits, the more the better. Who wants to say no to savings – heck not me! Globe-trotters, love being able to save cash, especially if that also means extra money for flight on hotel upgrades. If you’re a frequent traveler, or you simply want to save cash on your next (and all) travel adventures, Club 1 could be the answer you’re looking for…”

Breathing Travel

“…With Club 1 Hotels, you can save up to 70% on accommodation. How? These saving are possible because rates are pre-purchased at these hotels at wholesale prices. As you might know from other member-only websites, prices are not displayed publicly and hence, Club 1 is not obliged to price at the same rate as the official hotel’s site. So, Where’s The Catch? Literally, there is none. You just have to sign up and become a member to search and view all deals…”

Universal Traveller

“…Club1 is essentially a reseller of hotel rooms. But wait, you say, isn’t cutting out the middleman the secret to saving money on travel? It can be, but Club1 is one exception where that’s definitely not the case. They buy rooms from some of the world’s top properties and chains in over 200 countries at bulk rates that would never see the light of day on public facing non-membership sites like Expedia or Then, they pass those savings onto their members. Hotels and properties allow Club1 to buy rooms in bulk at these insane rates (and we’ll get into just how insane they can get below with some side-by-side comparisons) because they know that Club1 is a membership site that won’t offer their deals to the general public…”

Four Jandals

“Travel Around the World in Style without Breaking Your Budget! Have you ever wanted to travel around the world but always been concerned about the cost of travel and lodging? Have you ever wanted to go on a luxury vacation but always thought it was out of your budget? The key to unlocking your freedom to enjoy the world is here with us at Club1Hotels! Club1Hotels is the foremost brand for discounts and deals in luxury travel and lodging!”

Voyages of Mine

“There are many ways to book a trip. Whether it be through a popular booking site like Expedia, or a smaller site that you have found on your own, chances are you still aren’t getting the best deal that you can be. Now, this website I’m about to tell you about may sound too good to be true, but it is true. I have spent quite a bit of time checking it out for myself. Club 1 Hotels offers discounts on over 1,000,000 hotels across the world! While there is usually a membership fee, readers of Voyages of Mine can get a one-year membership absolutely free. I do mean absolutely – no credit card is required and there is no automatic renewal. This luxury travel club not only gets you the best hotel deals, but they also offer exclusive savings on flights, car rentals, golf, cruises, and more! I realize it’s easy to say they have the best deals, but I spent time checking over 15 hotels from various websites, and Club 1 Hotels had the best rates every – single – time…”

Paul Johnson, A Luxury Travel Blog

“Club 1 Hotels, a global hotel travel club, is currently offering a year’s free membership and there is no credit card required to access that offer. So you don’t need to worry about auto-renew or auto-bill coming into action. Nor are there any black-out dates. Members can make huge savings every day of the year on a vast range of room and suite types whilst enjoying personalised concierge services too. The free 1-year membership package also includes booking credits up to $500 instantly at the time of checkout…

The Luxury Travel Expert

“Club 1 Hotels are a relatively unknown Luxury Hotel Club based in Chicago. They tend to offer the very cheapest way to book 4, 4.5 and 5-star hotels. You should certainly join Club 1 Hotels for free and always check rates with them before finally making your booking…

The Points Guy

“Since I write about travel basically every single day, I’m often asked which is the best website to use if you want to save money on hotel bookings. Truth is, there isn’t one best site. There are different answers for different situations: Do you have access to Amex Fine Hotels and Resort perks (on fancier stays)? Do you need to earn/use elite status perks? How far in advance are you booking? Where are you going? Which credit cards do you have? Are you sure you aren’t using points? There simply isn’t one single best hotel booking site for all situations, but there are a few sites that I recommend checking to quickly get a handle on the best prices.

One of the hotel booking sites that I check and have recommended for the last few years is Club1 Hotels. Club1 Hotels has access to more than one million hotels around the world, and while they do not always have the best price or offer the best booking solution — sometimes they do…”

Derek, Wandering Earl

“In my never ending search for ways to get the best deals on all things travel related, I recently came across a website that makes it remarkably easy to get massive hotel discounts.

The website, Club 1 Hotels, resells hotel rooms that were purchased in bulk by corporations. When bought in bulk, the rooms are purchased at much lower rates than what the public can get. Then, when some of those bulk rooms aren’t used, this website makes them available to everyone in order to avoid losing money.

The result is that regular travelers like us can actually take advantage of these hotel discounts at hotels all over the world. That’s really all there is to it, and it works…”

Massi, Travel with Massi

“We all love good deals and if you save money when booking a luxury hotel, is the stay just so much fun right? The Club1Hotels travel club promises its members a saving of up to 70% for bookings in luxury hotels worldwide, the base membership actually costs 129 USD (ie about 110 Euro) and is currently completely free…”

Floxie, El mundo de Floxie

“If it is about hotel deals, today we have many online search engines that find the best rates. Club1Hotels is an online agency that offers discounts on hotels, cruises, car rentals and other activities. Instead of charging a commission for each room that is reserved, as most of the hotel search sites are handled, they charge an annual membership fee of USD99. Today you can have that same FREE membership for one year without the need to put your credit card information or any similar information. In addition, they have an additional 10% discount on hotel reservations with the coupon FX2018!…”

Joe Deeney, InsideFlyer

“Club 1 Hotels has developed considerably in the last year. For example, over 200,000 new hotels have been added, the site has undergone a major upgrade and there’s now an app too.

It is also possible to book flights with Etihad, United, Virgin Atlantic and Jet Airlines; as well as cruises with Costa, Carnival and Holland America Line…”


Hernan Van Norden, Ultima Llamada

“Today I am going to delve into this wonderful tool that I use regularly since I discovered it almost two years ago.

Club1Hotels is an agency that requires an annual membership to access its negotiated rates, which currently costs US $ 99 (€ 87 to change)

In October of 2016, they offered one year of free membership. Obviously I signed up and started to find lower prices on a recurring basis than on other platforms and I took advantage of it several times, saving, for example, about US $ 60 per night at the Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles , and another US $ 35 at the Posada del Dragón de Madrid…”


View from the Wing

“They have a new booking engine and an app and booking through them seems easier and cleaner than before. There are also tons more top hotels than before, too, when I’m searching their site I’m generally finding the inventory I want. There are cruises and car rental deals, too…”

Luxury Accommodations Blog

Luxury Accommodations Blog

“When it comes to services, Club1 Hotels leaves nothing to chance in providing its members with a truly unique travel experience. Thanks to the company’s global network of partnerships, those joining the club benefit of privileges such as wholesale rates for car rentals or Luggage Free services in over 130 countries.

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, A Luxury Travel Blog

“To stay at these exclusive hotels and other top luxury hotels worldwide, head over to who are currently offering a special monthly membership to A Luxury Travel blog readers and social media fans...

Be sure also to check out the amazing pre-buy hotel deals which offer up to 70% savings. These are listed by city and country – there are over 1,600 worldwide deals available.”

Edward Pizzarello

Edward Pizzarello, Pizza in Motion

“Here’s one example of a rate comparison between the two booking engines.  I checked a 1-night stay in New York City at the Omni Berkshire Place.  For a room with 2 double beds, Club1’s “all-in” price is $276.  Rocket Miles offers the same room for $496.  They also offer 5,000 miles extra with their booking.  If we value United Airlines MileagePlus miles at 2 cents a piece, that’s worth $100.  That still makes Club1 over $100 cheaper on that room.”


Ariana Arghandewal, Point Chaser

“I was recently searching for hotels during the week of the Chicago Seminars and found rates to be especially high this time around. On October 12–16, a standard room at the Hyatt Regency Chicago was listed as $2,108.32 on the Hyatt website ($449 per night before tax)…Meanwhile, Club 1 Hotels was offering the same room for $1,412.75 with taxes included. That’s nearly $700 in saving on a four night hotel stay!”

Hernan Van Norden, Ultima Llamada

“Club 1 Hotels offers extremely attractive prices, particularly in categories 4 and 5 stars , thanks to its agreements with chains like St. Regis, Park Hyatt, Four Seasons, Bellagio, Ritz Carlton, Waldorf Astoria Hotel , Shangri-La, InterContinental or Peninsula, among others.”


Claire, Luxury Travel Diary

“Is Club 1 Hotels Cheaper Than Hotel Aggregators Like Kayak, and Trivago? 
For the dates I checked, yes. Club 1 Hotels was coming in cheaper than all three. Club 1 Hotels estimates that on average, members will save $150.00 per night on a 5-star hotel, $100.00 on a 4.5-star and $80.00 on a 4-star. In some cases, rates include breakfast or a hotel credit.”

Katie Dillon

Katie Dillon, La Jolla Mom

When you book a hotel through a site like Expedia, they pocket a portion of the rate that you pay. Club 1 Hotels has a different model. Instead, they make money on the membership fees and offer members the wholesale rate without a mark-up. For frequent travelers, this can be a huge savings.”

The Travel Sisters

The Travel Sisters, Travel Blog

“For example, a night at the Four Seasons Chicago on November 12 came up to $364.50 a night and after the tax recovery and booking fee, the total cost came to $455.62. On the Four Seasons website, the same room comes up to $405.00 and after taxes to a total cost of $475.48… The only cheaper option I found at the Four Seasons on that date was a rate of $324 ($388.02 after taxes) an another booking site but it was for a non refundable room.”

Mighty Travels

Mighty Travels, Travel Blog

“To see the typical saving you can make, we compared rates for a one-night stay at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on March 14th, 2017. While booking the flexible member rate direct with Hyatt costs $244.23 all-in including taxes and fees, it comes out at $185.29 all-in on Club 1 Hotels including the tax recovery/booking fee. That’s a saving of $58.94 or 24%!”


Gary Leff, View from the Wing

“I’ve had a quick look around and sometimes see great deals although not every hotel search yields major savings. For instance I plugged October 26-28 in New York at random. They were only offering a savings of ~ $45 at the Andaz 5th Avenue. But it’s a savings of hundreds of dollars at the Andaz Wall Street.”

We encourage you to view our very best hotel deals that we offer at up to 70% off! We are able to secure these amazing rates because our partners pre-purchase over $650 million in room nights annually at these hotels. Once you identify the hotel that you are interested in, simply login then enter the name of the destination along with your arrival/departure dates. Once the hotels display simply type in the name of the hotel and our system will display all available room types at our best rates. We guarantee you substantial savings for these refundable rates!